“To be first and foremost, a safe home for Native women and their children; to support women who have been victimized, either in their interpersonal relationships or through systemic neglect, and to support women who are left without resources to independently make the changes they feel are necessary.”

Our Philosophy

Within our Centre, we believe that Aboriginal women and their children have the right to live in a nurturing environment that encourages and builds upon Aboriginal self-awareness.

This belief translates into a unique service philosophy that is grounded in the firm conviction that Native women and their children have a right to:

1. Self sufficiency
2. Dignity, respect and caring
3. Self-determination
4. Make choices

Recently, Amnesty International profiled our Centre as a best practice model, in part due to our community based approach to service delivery and our ability to mobilize Aboriginal women and non-aboriginal supporters in creating meaningful solutions to address the gap in crisis services existing for Aboriginal women and children moving into Winnipeg.

Our Partnerships

Aboriginal families are subject to continuous pressures, due to social issues, poverty, unemployment, historic injustice and social perception that may lead to addictions, family violence, parenting issues and unhealthy homes. The Native Women’s Transition Centre has and continues to play a strong leadership role in creating a continuum of support services to meet these pressures, including working to establish Ndinawe Endawaad Maganaag, Memengwaa Place, Wahbung Abinoonjiiag, Oyate Tipi Cumini Yape, and Community Led Organizations United Together (CLOUT).

Over the years, our programs and services have also contributed to the development of a vibrant community leadership base in Winnipeg’s Aboriginal community – skilled and dedicated staff, transparent and accountable Board of Directors, as well as training and developing relationships with grandmothers, cultural teachers and prolific elders who in turn assist women in self-discovery, community development and partnership building.