1) United Together Against Sexual Violence(Adobe PDF file

Empowering Aboriginal Women, Sister Organizations, and the Community Towards Collaborative Action.  A plain language version prepared by Cynthia E. Bird for the Native Women’s Transition Centre Inc. Published 2007. Providing understanding on the issues and gaps in services experienced by Aboriginal women impacted by sexual violence. Two community forums happened in January/February 2007, with a final report released in February 2007.

Recently, Amnesty International profiled Native Women’s Transition Centre as a “best practice model” for Indigenous Women’s Safe Houses Internationally.

2) The Mino’Ayaawin Healing Program (Be Healthy and Live in Peace)

A holistic health and well-being healing program promotes balanced, healthy lifestyles for Aboriginal women’s groups. Designed as a guide focusing on Self-Care, Self-Sufficiency, Abuse and Addictions, Nutrition and Physical Activities, Moms and Kids and Staff Training / Development. Available by request – please call 989-8240 for information.

3) Kihi Chistemaw Pimatisiwin (Tobacco as a Way of Life) Program

A manual and guide for public education efforts on creating a smoke free environment. Explores issues related to smoking, exposure to second hand smoke, and related health risks that occur as a result. A valuable resource for Aboriginal women’s groups, community agencies and members. Available by request – please call 989-8240 for information.

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